What is a workshop?

I hold regular (usually monthly) yoga workshops and occasional day workshops. The monthly workshops are generally 2 hours long and offer a great opportunity to explore a theme or aspect of our yoga practice in much greater depth. In addition to progressing in our asana (postures) I also offer varied teachings on yoga anatomy, philosophy, yogic myths and storytelling and areas of yoga which are not often covered in general classes such as mantra, mudra, meditation forms and yoga nidra. A really good way to expand your knowledge of yourself and your practice!

How to Book

Booking is essential for all workshops. I respectfully ask for advance payment to reserve your place. Please book and make full payment in advance (cash, cheque or bank transfer).

I cannot accept cancellations from one week before the workshop without payment. If you cancel earlier than the week, a 50% refund will be made.

Upcoming Workshops and Courses

New Breath, New Beginnings

Each breath we take holds the potential for new beginnings…

Infuse your year with brightness, positive energy and countless possibilities through exploration of the elements. Connecting to earth for stability, fire for drive, air for creativity, water for movement and ether for space and time, we will ‘yoga’ our way into another year…month…hour…breath.

All are welcome to this mixed level evening practice. As always, modifications will be given.

When: Friday 12 January  2018, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Where: Thomas Helwys Baptist Church, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 1SJ.

Cost: £18

Super Sleep Saturday – A Yoga and Sleep Workshop

Does sleep elude you? Is the quality of your sleep poor leaving you feeling weary and unrefreshed the next day?

Insomnia affects many of us in a variety of ways and can be debilitating and have an effect on all the systems of the body if left unattended.

In this 3 hour workshop I will give you a useful introduction and insight into what some of your ‘Sleep Saboteurs’ or ‘Rest Wreckers’ might be so you can begin to address them.

I will also offer practical tips and solutions, ‘super sleep’ yoga, meditation, useful breathing and relaxation techniques and other energy practices to work with.

All of this combined with a little ‘sleep science’ will help you increase your understanding of sleep PLUS improve your chances of actually enjoying some!

The ‘Super Sleep’ yoga method was created by Lisa Sanfilipo in partnership with The Minded Institutes research base and is accessible to all.

No experience of yoga necessary!

When: Saturday 13 January 2018, 2.00pm – 5.00pm

Where: Jasmine Trust Yoga, Babworth, Retford, DN22 8EW

Cost: £30

Please book directly with Jasmine Trust via their website which is linked here Jasmine Trust

Feel free to contact me if you require further information regarding the session.

Opening the Guesthouse to your New Year

In the words of the Sufi poet, Rumi….’this being human is a guest house’

As a new year begins and you throw open the doors of your guest house once again…invest time in this practice to prepare yourself to open and receive whatever lies ahead for you.

Through yoga and movement, meditation and energy work, we will explore space building and softening combined with strengthening and stabilising practices.

Flow, move, play, journal, chant and have fun…..then settle, restore and relax.

All are welcome.

Drinks and healthy snacks included. Please bring a light lunch.

Pre-payment on booking is essential as places are limited.

When: Saturday 27th January, 10.30am  – 3pm

Where: Jasmine Trust Yoga Centre, Babworth, Retford, DN22 8EW

Cost: £40 payable in advance to reserve your place.

Please book directly with Jasmine Trust via their website which is linked here Jasmine Trust

Please note, no refunds will be given for cancellation within one week of the event.

Settle and Soothe – An Evening of Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Join me at the beautiful Jasmine Trust for this Friday ‘pop up’ yoga session.
February can be a challenging month for many of us. Soothe and calm yourself with a quiet evening yin practice followed by a relaxing yoga nidra (deep relaxation)
Grab the bolsters and blankets and settle in…..
Yin yoga is a delicious, leisurely practice. Focusing on longer holds of postures to experience a greater depth of stretch and promote flow of energy through the fascia of the body and the meridian pathways serving the organs.
This session is a mainly floor based practice and will be suitable for those with a reasonable level of movement.
When: Friday 9 February 2018, 6.15 – 8.15pm
Where: Jasmine Trust Yoga Centre, Babworth, Retford, DN22 8EW
Cost: £16
Pre-payment on booking is essential as places are limited. Book via Jasmine Trust by emailing: info.jasminetrust@gmail.com

‘Rest and Restore with Yoga’

A 6 week programme of yoga open to all!

Join us in a safe and calming environment to explore:

  • Tools to promote ease of movement and build strength and resilience in the physical body
  • A range of gentle movement, breathing and restorative exercises to aid recovery and healing
  • Creative ways to manage discomfort, pain and the anxiety which can arise from this
  • Using yoga techniques to help your body reach a more relaxed state when facing illness or life stress
  • Ways to improve the quality of your rest and sleep
  • Relaxation, visualisation and energy work to help you manage the emotional and physical fatigue caused by cancer, long term or terminal health difficulties or simply general fatigue.

To book a place call Anna or Colby at Aurora on 01909 470985

Places are limited and booking essential.

When: Thursdays between 2.00pm – 3.30pm

Next 6 week course starts 8 February 2018. Drop in is available for current course November/ December)

Where: Aurora Wellbeing Centre, Old Library Building, Worksop

Cost : £25 for the course (paid in advance to receive one week free. Or pay £5 per week.

Sweet Sleep 

A short course offering practical tools to help improve your sleep!

In this busy world, good sleep gives the body and mind time to rest and restore, in turn helping support our general health and boost our feelings of confidence and well-being.

Join me for this 3 week course to…

  • Hear about what happens when you sleep
  • Use a sleep log to identify what might be interfering with your good night’s sleep
  • Learn simple movements and stretches to help prepare your body for restful sleep
  • Practice easy breathing and relaxation techniques to help calm your busy mind
  • Learn techniques to build rest into your day

All are welcome. Places are limited and booking is essential!

I am running this course in conjunction with the Aurora Centre, Worksop. Please book directly with Aurora by calling Emma or Colby on 01909 470985

Contact me by email if you require further information

When: Tuesdays 6/13/20 March 2018, 1pm – 2pm
Where: Aurora Wellbeing Centre, Old Library Building, Worksop
Cost: £15