My name is Julie Robinson and I am pleased to say ‘hello’ and invite you to explore the Yoga Lighthouse website. I welcome curious students of all ages and abilities to try yoga with me.

Please take a look at the details of my classes, workshops, yoga weekends and retreats. Feel free to contact me if you would like any further information and you can also sign up to receive my regular newsletter here.

So what is Yoga?

This is such a big question and one I am asked frequently. There are many ways in which I could ‘try’ to begin explaining this century’s old science and philosophy…. but I prefer to keep things simple! I like to think of yoga as being a practice of taking time on your mat to be inquisitive, explore, learn and be interested in yourself.

You might consider how your body fits together, works and moves, how you feel in your physical structure and also in your thoughts and emotions. This may lead you to think about how you fit into the world and connect with others. The paths and teachings of yoga are endless and as we are always changing as human beings, there is always something new to learn.

At whatever level you dip your toe or dive into yoga and the many wider teachings I feel sure you will reap benefits. If you are interested in being the best you can be… try yoga.

Come along to class or book a one to one session with me to learn more!

‘You yourself, as
much as anyone else in
the universe, deserve
your love and affection’