Information for Yogis

Whether you have practiced Yoga before or are a new Yogi, please take a few minutes to read the following information which I hope will help you in your practice.

  • Please let me know if you have any health conditions, injuries or are pregnant. This will enable me to advise you on alternative postures and ensure you stay safe
  • It is not advisable to eat for around 2 hours before class. A snack is ok but anything else can leave you feeling sickly and may inhibit movement
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing you can move in and which will not fall down over your head and reveal bits you don’t want to reveal! Have something warm to wear for relaxation at the end of practice
  • Please try to arrive a few minutes early for class so we can start and finish on time.
  • If you are a beginner it is especially important to arrive early so I can chat with you before class.
  • If anything is unclear please let me know and I will do my best to help
  • And finally – Please work at your own level and pace and avoid forcing yourself into postures. Flexibility and strength comes with practice and to force can cause injury

Enjoy and Namaste!


I am currently teaching the following regular weekly classes. Please contact me if you would like any further information regarding individual classes.

Beginners to yoga are very welcome to attend almost all of my classes and where possible alternatives and modifications will be given when needed. Please arrive 5/10 minutes early for class so we can chat about yoga and your needs.

I also teach private sessions for individuals or groups and hold monthly 2 hour workshops. Please see the relevant website page for details.

Class Timetable

LevelDetailsDay & TimesVenue
1- 3Private TeachingMondayGrantham/Nottingham / Retford
1 -2Yoga CalmTuesday 4pm - 5.15pmJasmine Trust Yoga Centre, Retford
1Time to Grow Cancer Support ProgrammeTuesday
Various times - check with Aurora Centre if you are local to the area
Aurora Wellbeing Centre, Worksop
1-2Sweet Sleep

Various times - check with Aurora Centre if you are local to the area
Aurora Wellbeing Centre, Worksop
1 - 2Exploring YogaTuesday
4.30pm - 6.00pm
Jasmine Trust Yoga Centre
1-3Private TeachingWednesdayGrantham/Nottingham/Retford
1-2Exploring YogaThursday 08.45am - 10.00amJasmine Trust Yoga Centre, Retford
1-2Exploring YogaThursday
10.30am -11.45am
Jasmine Trust Yoga Centre, Retford
1-2Rebuild, Restore and Relax Yoga
(For people living with cancer and other health conditions) See workshops page for further information.
2.00pm - 3.30pm
Aurora Wellbeing Centre, Worksop
1-3 Private TeachingFridayGrantham/Nottingham/Retford
1-3Varying themes and styles of yoga. Please check workshops page for details.Fridays – monthly
6.30pm – 8.30pm.
See workshops listing for dates
Thomas Helwys Baptist Church, Lenton

Private Tuition

Individual and Small Group Yoga

I can work with individuals either in your home or mine in my tranquil yoga room. This can often be useful if you are new to yoga and would like some help with the fundamentals before you join a class. Private tuition can also be very beneficial if you are recovering from an injury or are returning to exercise after a health problem. If you are particularly interested in developing an aspect of your yoga practice which you feel is not addressed in a general class, please discuss this with me and I may be able to help.

Alternatively, if your preference is for smaller group teaching and you have 2 – 4 friends or family members who would like to come along to my lovely yoga room for private ‘mini group’ classes, please get in touch to discuss. This can be a wonderful and very cost effective way of enjoying yoga!


Yoga for People Living with or Recovering from Cancer

As a Minded Yoga Therapist…my training will be completed mid 2020, during the past 3 years, I have continued to develop my skills, knowledge and special interest in working with people living with cancer. I use individually modified, gentle and strengthening yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, relaxation and yoga nidra as appropriate to support ease in both the physical and emotional body during the journey through treatment and recovery.

I work with the Aurora Wellbeing Centre in Worksop, both with individual clients and contributing to their Prostate Cancer and Time to Grow post-breast cancer programmes.

I also offer one to one private consultations to provide individual support through yoga. Please contact me for details.


Yoga for Stressed People

I am especially interested in ways in which we can use yoga to help restore and replenish ourselves . Many of us are so busy and the demands of life can become wearing leading to symptoms of stress such as increasing fatigue, low mood, sleep disturbance and anxiety.

I offer one to one or small group gentle restorative yoga teaching and also yin yoga sessions for deep release stretching. These kinds of practices can be very beneficial if you lead a hectic life and have trouble slowing your pace or winding down. Similarly these relaxing yet deep forms of practice can help promote clarity of thought, better quality of sleep and enhance mood and general well being.

Recorded relaxations. For a small charge, I can also provide you with a personalised recorded relaxation practice, sent to your mobile phone so you can use it anywhere!


Yoga For Tired People and Sleep Promotion

I am trained in yoga therapy for insomnia and sleep problems and work with the sleep method (developed by Lisa Sanfilipo and The Minded Institute) alongside other ‘sleep supporting’ practices. Join me for a short course of individual work and we can work together on improving your sleep. Alternatively, take a look at my workshops page to find details of my latest workshops.

Please contact me for details if any of the above are of interest to you.

☏ 0771 887 5614