Do we as human beings work best alone, away from other people and their interactions, assistance’s and guidance? I believe that most of us overall find that going it alone entirely can be a challenge. As we progress through life, we get to know people and  form bonds and links. We learn who can help us, how, when and with what.

In a similar way, no part of the body works in isolation. There are so many connections not just in terms of the physical but also the energetic.

Over the next few weeks we will be working our way around the physical structure of the body.. with a focus on a particular area or areas of the body each week. We will reflect upon the way in which our chosen part interplays, interacts, affects, supports or hinders several other parts of our structure.

The arm is not the arm without the shoulder…… and so on!

When we become more familiar with our connections, internal and external then we can begin to understand more of how we move and make the shapes of our asanas. We can shed light on why sometimes we don’t move as freely as we might wish and then begin perhaps to see ways forward.

Be interested and fascinated about yourself!

” Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are”  Jason Crandell