A little about me…

I am a busy yoga therapist and yoga teacher working in the Grantham and Nottingham areas and online. I am also honoured to be a guest lecturer for The Minded Institute and offer specific CPD teacher trainings and retreats each year

Having practiced yoga initially as a student for around 10 years, my love of the voyage of discovery and unfolding led me to my first Integral Hatha Yoga Teacher training, qualifying in 2004.

After a period of part time teaching whilst still working within the NHS, I went on to take the British Wheel of Yoga Diploma qualifying in 2010.

I now teach a fusion of mindful enquiring hatha yoga, yin yoga, yoga to support calm living and restful sleep. I have developed a particular interest and experience in therapeutic yoga for cancer. As a Yoga Therapist having completed my training with The Minded Institute, I see a wide range of clients with varying physical and mental health needs.

Hello to all yogis!

And my teaching…

My teaching and development is an ongoing joy for me. I love to learn and bring more to my own practice and to my students. Attending teacher trainings regularly I have been lucky to study in recent years with several renowned teachers and therapists including Max Strom, Paul Grilley, Anodea Judith, Norman Blair and Heather Mason.

I am especially interested in the complementary teachings of Ayurveda having completed the BWY Ayurveda module with Cathy-Mae Karelse and change my practice in accordance with the seasons.

It has been both wonderful and challenging for me to undertake Yoga Therapy training in 2018 with Heather Mason at The Minded Institute.

I am a friendly and approachable person! Throughout my life I have always worked with people, both as a nurse, in hospitals, a care manager in hostels with many different client groups and a practice manager in general practice. As a yoga teacher/therapist, I love to get to know my students over time, understand their needs and adapt practices to suit them. I believe in bringing a sense of humour and element of fun and joy into my teachings.

I use inspirations and wisdom from all of my teachers to enrich and widen my experience and continuously refresh and enliven the teaching I offer my students. I offer an eclectic and creative yoga which is grounded in classical Integral Hatha yoga, fused with elements of fluid vinyasa and the grounding qualities of Yin practice with philosophical teachings to give meaning and depth.

With several thousands of hours of teaching under my belt, I offer a warm welcome to all new students and seek to work with each person to help them understand and enjoy their practice and potential for compassionate and expansive living through their yoga practice. Practicing mindfully and with full awareness gives us a wonderful opportunity to grow and enjoy life.

In my classes I combine asana practice for all levels with pranayama (breath work), mantra and mudra yoga to provide a strong and rounded teaching with a sense of curiosity and fun. It is usually possible to offer alternatives so that everyone can access the class at their particular level of practice.

I have a deep love of yoga which I hope to share through my teaching and therapy. We are all on a journey together!