So after several weeks of exploring those body connections I am now moving onwards and inwards…to the organ body.

I often get the sense that we can think about our bodies and yoga in a very linear way. We spend a lot of time focusing on the tangible structure of muscles, ligaments, bones and perhaps neglect all the parts of us that we cannot see.

Yoga is very much an internal practice as well as an external one. What we can see and touch will be affected in some way by our practice but don’t forget also that what we cannot see and touch is also affected, sometimes in a very profound and remarkable way.

I am so interested at the moment in how the movement and shape changing of the external structure of the body can impact and affect the internal structure.

Consider some of the things we do routinely in yoga, for example when we circle our arms out and up at the beginning of a Surya Namaskar sequence, we are not only rotating and stretching  to some degree the shoulders, elbows and wrists and opening the chest. We are also consciously stretching the space for the lungs to blossom and expand.

When we draw a knee into the chest when standing or reclining the action not only impacts upon the leg and the hip but also changes the intra-abdominal pressure and gives the colon a squeeze.

Why is this good…. because our organs love a flush and a clean out. Moving them around a little within their area (don’t imagine your kidneys are going to float up to your heart or down to your intestines!) maintains that internal mobility which helps to keep the blood and the prana flowing.

So as you practice….think about what’s happening inside as well as outside. Then try feeling and moving from your organs for a new experience which will add depth and a new dimension to your yoga.

Get organ-ised and go organ-ic.