We have been having such interesting and fun times in class over the last few weeks exploring the different facets of existence and the way in which these manifest in our lives. The yin (cool, feminine, intuitive, still) and the yang (dynamic, heating, masculine, movement) can be reflected upon and seen in many areas of our everyday life as well as what we do when on the yoga mat. Looking at this in really simple terms…. we, along with everything else in existence are composed of both yin and yang energies. As we know, change is constant and these energies continuously fluctuate, so in order to maintain balance and order it’s a good thing as yogis to stay alert to our selves and make adjustments and changes in our lifestyle and practices in order to maintain optimal health. Too much yang  can lead to a stressed, restless, overheated, tired yogi! Too much yin can leave us chilly, sluggish, bloated and uninspired. We can effectively use our yoga practice to unite these opposite and complementary forces to harmonise and dissipate any conflict. Here are just a few observations of yin and yang which you may like to make when you are on your mat….. The interplay between effort and surrender. Do you push into your posture or release and melt. Consider the balance between movement and stillness. Do you favour vinyasa every time and disregard the benefits of a still practice or simply sitting? What amount of your awareness is given to your internal practice as opposed to your external practice? Is your inhalation more dominant than your exhalation? Do you practice from your front body and forget about your back body?